“I’m not a morning person” Tips!

I’m going to go back to school on Monday and I am a morning person, I never used to be though. So I’m going to change you!

  1. Give yourself a strict timetable, this way you will never be late again. This can also help you with being more organised.
  2. If you like to sleep in/If you have packed lunches, make your lunch the day before and stick it in the fridge overnight. This way you are always guaranteed a packed lunch everyday
  3.  Set an alarm and stick to it too! Don’t press the snooze button more than once.
  4. Make sure your bag is backed the night before, you won’t forget anything this way.
  5. Go to bed early. It will make getting up much easier!

Hopefully these little tips might help you become a morning person! Thank you so much for reading and have a great time at school!

Lots of love, Ellie xx


Within the makeup drawer!


Today I decided to give you a tour of all my makeup (excludes palettes and a few lipsticks) I’m really happy with how my storage is at the moment and I thought by showing you my makeup you can now suggest reviews from any product I own and I will be happy to write anything! SIDE NOTE>I’m not trying to brag, all of this was bought my me except one lipstick and a lipgloss!

All my makeup is stored in one big drawer in the Micke desk from Ikea. The separators are from Amazon and they are cut to size to my drawer. The are really flimsy but cheap and they work. Also if your thinking of buying them, delivery was super fast!

Now onto the makeup!


IMG_9643I’m going to list my favourites in each section!

  • Benefit The Porefessional Matte Rescue
  • L’oreal Infallible primer



  • Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid




  • L’Oreal Pro Matte
  • Collection Sheer Loose Powder


  • MAC Mineralise skinfinish in Lightscape




  • Bobbi Brown High Shimmer gloss
  • MUA Luxe Gloss


  • Revlon HD Matte Lipcolour

LIPSTICKS (some are missing)


  • MAC Honeylove
  • Posiebalm



  • Benefit Hoola Liquid Bronzer
  • NYX Tame and Frame Eyebrow Pomade
  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Beige



  • Maybelline Contour kit in light



  • Sleek Contour kit
  • Bourjois Bronzer in Light



  • Both H&M blushes in Cameo pink and Apricot
  • Both H&M eyeshadows in Blueberry Swirl and Peacock
  • MAC Blush


  • MAC Fix + Spray



  • Benefit Rollerlash
  • MAC False lash



  • MAC Prolongwear Concealer
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer



  • Benefit Big Easy
  • Clinique Stay Matte



  • Collection 24hr Felt Liner
  • Bourjois Mega Liner
  • All Rimmel Lipliners




Thank you very much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!

Lots of love, Ellie xx



It’s been 6 days since I posted last and since then I have got lots of awesome suggestions! I am back from holiday now and will start posting on a much more regular basis from now onwards!

Lots of love, Ellie xx

What do you want?

Above is my most feared question. As an incredibly indecisive person this question is torture for me to answer. But today its okay, because I’m on the other end of the question! What do you want to see on my blog? I write for you not for me so you need to like the content I put out. I am asking you please, to ask for what you want. Be as honest as you like! I have a few ideas so far including:

  • Complete makeup collection
  • MAC lipstick collection w/ swatches
  • Monthly favourites
  • My phobias
  • My goals

Please add a comment, it takes 5 seconds and it will really help me out! I love you so much and thank you very much for taking the time to read/comment on this post and always remember, this is your blog, if you request something I will write it!

Lots and lots and lots of love, Ellie xxxxx

My daily brow routine!

Recently I’ve been experimenting by doing some tutorial type posts, and you guys seemed to like it! So today I thought I’d do another about my brows. My brows are an important part of my life, I can’t go a day without filling them in. Also, recently I have really upped my brow game if I may say so myself! So, read on to see my poor bare brows transform into filled gorgeousness!


Products used:

Tools used:

On the right is my bare brow! I don’t know if you can see but I have a scar in this eyebrow so I decided to show you this one as it’s a bit harder for me to cover it.

So to start, I basically run a little powder all over and around my brows as I have super oily skin and this helps the product stay and not be so slippy.

Next, I add an arch to my brow as I don’t have much shape on top!

Then, I add a tail. I recently completly plucked out the end of my brow as the hairs were all pointing in the wrong direction and I was constantly cutting and brushing them, so I just pulled them out! I’m super happy with the results and this is the best solution for now!

I add a line to the bottom of my brow to act as a guideline.

Then I completely fill in my brow.

Next, I use the two browns to set my brow. The pomade I use from NYX is gorgeous but it is a bit slippy if I don’t set it. Drop a comment if you would like a review on this!

I then carve out my brows with my favourite Fit me.

I use this gel to set my brows next.

Finally, I use both of the top two shadows to highlight my brow bone.


And this is the finished result!

Thank you so much for reading, please comment, like and follow it really helps me out!

Lots of love, Ellie xx

Purple duochrome eyes!

Today I’ve done a tutorial on my favourite purple eye look! The quality of my eye photos is really terrible, I’m really sorry guys! I tried really hard on this and I really hope you like it but I know the quality isn’t as good as usual!

Brushes used:

Makeup used:

First I prime my lids and then set them to make blending easier.

Next I apply this H&M shadow in my crease and blend.

Then I add the colour charm to my lid.

I then line my eyes with the collection liner and add a small wing. (This looks really bad!)

Finally, I add a white colour to my inner corner and put on some mascara!

Thank you so much for reading my first ever tutorial! Please comment, like and follow it really helps me out!

Lots of love, Ellie xx




Summer favourites!

Today I thought I’d show you some of my favourites for summer as summer is 100% my favourite time of the year! Not all of these are beauty this time as I have really been getting into fashion recently especially as the weather is getting nicer. I hope everyone is having a lovely summer and enjoying the warm(ish) weather, leave me a comment if its winter where you are though! Without further ado, let’s continue!

River Island Aviator Sunglasses: £10

These sunglasses are amazing, I only buy cheap sunglasses as I go though sunglasses like I go though chocolate! I’m terrible! These glasses were a great compromise though, not too expensive but great quality. The only problem I have with them is they have no case but I can get past that for such an inexpensive quality pair of sunglasses! (sorry the photo’s are upside down!)

B. Contour brush: £8.99

This brush fits perfectly in my cheekbones and is really soft! I bought it ages ago but only really have started using it now. I’m so glad I bought it, its gorgeous!

H&M High Impact Eye Colour: £4.99

I have recently been loving H&M makeup especially their eyeshadows and blushers, this is the colour Blueberry Swirl and I honestly have nothing like this colour. It has a satin smooth finish and is really pigmented! Unfortunately, this colour is not available anymore but I do recommend the shades: Peacock which is a gorgeous blue and The New Yew which is a beautiful teal.

Benefit Posiebalm: £14

This lip balm might possibly be leaving the benefit collection soon so grab it now! It’s so hydrating and really relives sore lips. Its also on sale for £11.30 so get it now!!!

ELLE August edition: £4.10

Elle is the biggest fashion magazine for one reason, because it’s awesome! I get this every month but this edition is a perfect holiday read!

Victoria Secret Body Spray: £9.09

This body spray is really refreshing and is definitely my favourite summer fragrance, this is the scent Aqua Kiss! I can’t find a link for it sorry!

Illamasqua Fatale Palette: £34

I love this palette, It’s not my only colourful palette like this but it definitely overshadows my others. The pigmentation is there but the shadows are so smooth and easy to use. They are also duo-chrome as well, egghhh they’re perfect!

Those are all my summer favourites at the moment, thank you so much for reading this. Please give a like or a comment as it really helps me out!

Lots of love, Ellie xx






Today I realised something. I am obsessed, completely obsessed with being the best. All I ever want to do is be at the top, and this is clearly a problem. I hate myself for it.

I’ve always been a very jealous person, and really I’ve never accepted my flaws. I’ve always looked at someone else and thought, why can’t my hair be like that? Why can’t my eyes be green? Why does everyone like her, but not me? I can’t fix any of these things. I was born with straight brown hair, I can’t have naturally curly hair, but yet I wish I had long blond waves. My hair is perfectly nice but yet I wish and wish that it was like that girl’s hair on the tube. To some extent, I’m sure this is normal, but I seem to wish my life away. I always want to change something about myself and it’s so bad.

When we get a test back in school all I think about is my percentage and how it compares to my friends, if I get lower than them, I get upset. I’m just never happy unless I’m at the top.

This is where the strange part comes in though, I get incredibly embarrassed ridiculously easily over being mentioned weather I’ve done good or bad. Strange..

I put it down to being from quite a competitive family but really I think this a trait which I will live with forever, and I’m really glad I discovered it because now I can learn to control!

Lots of love, Ellie xx

What’s in my holiday beauty bag?!

By the time your reading this I will be on my way to the French Alps, so today i’m going to show you what I packed in my makeup/skincare bag!

SKINCARE (All my bathroom products are in a different bag)

I have three skincare items which don’t require water so these go in my makeup bag. Firstly I have a mini Clinique bottle which actually contains Simple Micellar cleansing water because the bottle is huge! Second is the Body Shop Tea Tree Toner which I have used for years, this is the mini version I bought which I showed you in my haul. Finally I have the Body Shop Seaweed Cream, which is new and I love it!


First is base products. I have Benefits big easy in 02 Light which I will use when I want some coverage. Next I have the Maybelline Matte powder to set my face if I use any base products like the Fit me concealer which I have in 10.

I have two mini primers which I actually have in full size version too! These are both Benefit Porefessionals in the original and matte rescue!

I have my bronzer, blusher and highlighter here, The Maybelline master sculpt in light, the Maybelline blush in 40 and the Mac lightscape highlighter!

I have three eye products. I have the Collection Extreme eyeliner which has a felt tip, the mini Benefit Rollerlash and I have a Mac 4 palette which has some random eyeshadows which I pick from my Mac 15 palette, shown above from left to right is:

  • Mac White frost
  • Makeup Geek Coca bear
  • Mac Brown down (I use this for my brows)
  • Makeup Geek Glamorous

I then take a few lip products. On the left, a Mac lipstick in Honeylove, a Rimmel lipliner in Tiramisu 050 and then another Mac lipstick in Velvet teddy!

Finally, I have a few random things, Posie balm by Benefit, Revlon matte lipcolour in seduction and I will take some Ardell Demi wispys in a lash holder that I didn’t have with me when I took this photo!

Thats all for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Lots of love, Ellie xxx