Hi everyone I just wanted to let you guys know I’m back and this time for real! I’d like to start blogging again and I’m really excited! So recently, I went cruelty-free on make-up and skincare this has been a really important decision for me and I hope you can appreciate the effort I have put into it. I have always wanted to go vegetarian/vegan, but due to family allergies and food sensitivities, it would be incredibly difficult for my family. So instead I have made the decision to change a lot of my make-up cruelty-free brands and products. I am not 100% cruelty-free yet but this is my aim. I have stopped purchasing products that are not cruelty-free and removed a lot of products from my collection that have been tested on animals. It has been a particularly good change for me as it has changed the way I think about how and when I purchased makeup.
I have also made a lot of changes in my life some things that are simple like I’ve started drinking a lot more water and eating a lot more healthily. Recently I have also decided that I’d like to start up a small business selling my own makeup. I’d really like to try it out even if it’s not guaranteed that it will work. I would really like to know if anyone is interested in buying makeup from a site that I would run. It’s always been a dream for me to develop makeup and if I could develop something that people wanted to buy, that would be a dream. Already I have started developing a shimmer lotion and spray I’d like to put a few photos up of these sprays and lotions and see if people would be interested in purchasing them. To start with this purchase would just be for postage I wouldn’t be charging for the actual product as it is just a trial. It is cruelty-free and free of any products are they tested on animals are also vegan. Postage would be very cheap if you lived within the UK and even outside the UK it would not be too expensive I have developed a pink tinted lotion and a lavender tinted shimmer lotion would be ideal for fair to medium skin and I am in the process of developing a peach/lilac version for deeper skin tones. I feel really helped out if some of you could a comment on whether you would consider paying a small fee for postage should try out this lotion or whether you could consider buying a larger version. In the next few posts I will be posting pictures of my simulations but not in a packaging as I have not developed a packaging yet. Thank you very much for reading I hope you had a really nice day and please consider commenting on whether you are interested!

Love Ellie xx


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