Products I’m throwing away today!

Today I’m going show you what makeup I’m getting rid of this month. I haven’t bought any items for a few weeks so I don’t have much to show but by Saturday I’ll have a haul up on Saturday as I am going to Lakeside on Friday!

NYX Concealer- 02

This product is good, for £5 it’s great however I never use it anymore. This concealer is very pink toned which isn’t my favourite and It’s quite cakey. I tried to use it up and it’s almost gone so I’ve decided to chuck it!

Bourjois bronzer:

I am literally so annoyed at this product. It makes me angry thinking about it. I bought another one of this after the last post like this, and it cracked again which is extremely dissapointing! The product is lovely but unfortunatly they are so fragile!

MUA Eyeliner:

I simply don’t like this, It’s not pigmented enough and kinda grey!

Benefit Porefessional;

This is a really popular product however it’s really siliconey which makes me oily, and I don’t see any difference in my pores when I use it. I’m glad I got a tester first!

Thanks for reading, sorry these posts are irregular, I’m trying to balance my school work and free time and it’s proving difficult!

Lots of love, Ellie xx




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