Summer favourites!

Today I thought I’d show you some of my favourites for summer as summer is 100% my favourite time of the year! Not all of these are beauty this time as I have really been getting into fashion recently especially as the weather is getting nicer. I hope everyone is having a lovely summer and enjoying the warm(ish) weather, leave me a comment if its winter where you are though! Without further ado, let’s continue!

River Island Aviator Sunglasses: £10

These sunglasses are amazing, I only buy cheap sunglasses as I go though sunglasses like I go though chocolate! I’m terrible! These glasses were a great compromise though, not too expensive but great quality. The only problem I have with them is they have no case but I can get past that for such an inexpensive quality pair of sunglasses! (sorry the photo’s are upside down!)

B. Contour brush: £8.99

This brush fits perfectly in my cheekbones and is really soft! I bought it ages ago but only really have started using it now. I’m so glad I bought it, its gorgeous!

H&M High Impact Eye Colour: £4.99

I have recently been loving H&M makeup especially their eyeshadows and blushers, this is the colour Blueberry Swirl and I honestly have nothing like this colour. It has a satin smooth finish and is really pigmented! Unfortunately, this colour is not available anymore but I do recommend the shades: Peacock which is a gorgeous blue and The New Yew which is a beautiful teal.

Benefit Posiebalm: £14

This lip balm might possibly be leaving the benefit collection soon so grab it now! It’s so hydrating and really relives sore lips. Its also on sale for £11.30 so get it now!!!

ELLE August edition: £4.10

Elle is the biggest fashion magazine for one reason, because it’s awesome! I get this every month but this edition is a perfect holiday read!

Victoria Secret Body Spray: £9.09

This body spray is really refreshing and is definitely my favourite summer fragrance, this is the scent Aqua Kiss! I can’t find a link for it sorry!

Illamasqua Fatale Palette: £34

I love this palette, It’s not my only colourful palette like this but it definitely overshadows my others. The pigmentation is there but the shadows are so smooth and easy to use. They are also duo-chrome as well, egghhh they’re perfect!

Those are all my summer favourites at the moment, thank you so much for reading this. Please give a like or a comment as it really helps me out!

Lots of love, Ellie xx






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