What I’m going to do on holiday!

This year for a holiday, my family and my mums sisters family are driving to the French Alps, more specifically, Châtel. Châtel is a ski resort, so your probably thinking ehhh? Why would you go to Châtel in the middle of summer? I have the answer! Châtel is a gorgeous town in the winter and has stunning scenery in the summer. It’s also right near Geneva which is an amazing holiday destination all year round. These are some photos of the place I’m going to! (by the time you read this I would have been there for 5 days already!)


So, what do I want to do when I’m there?:

  • Visit Geneva
  • Lay in the pool we have in our chalet
  • Clime a mountain (or at least a large hill!)
  • Swim in a lake
  • Visit a French Cafe
  • Speak French in a Supermarket
  • See some snow on the top of a mountain

When I get back I’ll give you an update on how many things I managed!

Lots of Love, Ellie xxx


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