B. Enriched Facial Oil Review!

A few days ago I bought a facial oil. I was going to include it in the haul but I’ve been loving it so much I decided to do a completely separate post to give it the recognition it deservers! I bought the B. Enriched Restorative Facial Oil which is aimed towards people 50+ however I have seen so many youtubers and bloggers using oils for so many things and the age range is huge from 13 year olds to 50+ using them so I thought I’d give it a go! The B. oil wasn’t too expensive, it was £15.99 from Superdrug (B. is a brand made for Superdrug) I haven’t ever bought any makeup or skincare items from B. but I have bought some brushes and they’re really good! I’m do my standard review layout now and rate the product on three categories, looks, product and quality. Each of these will be scored out of 10 and then I will add the scores to give a total out of 30! Let’s see how it performs!


It comes in a glass bottle which makes it look lovely and expensive but will probably make it susceptible to breakages. As shown in the photo the oil is very yellow and is very runny, as oil should be! The bottle has a glass dropper which worries me slightly as it’s very thin glass and if its breaks the product will be unusable. The dropper has a really strange curved end to it which narrows to let only a very small drop out which is really good as there is minimal wastage. The rubber dropper top is already quite dirty as its white which is probably a slight design flaw! Overall I love the look of the product but for someone who travels it is quite impractical!

Overall: 8/10


The oil claims to be “restorative and moisturising” and I think it lives up to both of these claims. To be honest I can’t really comment on the restorative claim as I have only been using it for a week but it is so moisturising! My skin is so soft and supple, its incredible. I use this for so many different things and it just adds moisture to everything! I use it mainly at night instead of a moisturiser. I use about 4/5 drops in total each time, one on each cheek then one on my forehead, nose and half a drop on my chin. I then gently rub it in and go to sleep. It does feel heavy on your skin and I wouldn’t recommend it as a day moisturiser unless you have really dry skin but as I night treatment its perfect! I have combination normal/oily skin and when I wake up my face doesn’t feel oily or as if my pores are clogged, it all sinks in and lives soft skin clear skin behind! Side note: It smells so nice too, like flowers!

Overall: 10/10!

Quality: This oil retails at £15.99 which expensive if you think of it as a moisturiser, but it’s honestly so much more! I use it for so much, here’s a list:

-As a moisturiser

-In some of my heavier foundations to make it more blendible

-To blend out cream contour and highlight

-To add to my Nyx eyebrow pomade to make it less dry

-To add to cream eyeshadows to help blending

Its a 5 in 1 product really! You also get a lot. You get 30mls which is the size of your average foundation. Even though I use it for all these things I only use a drop each time so this will take me ages to use up. The only problem I have is that the dropper doesn’t reach the bottom so when I get near the end I won’t be able to read the last bit!

Overall: 9/10

Total: 27/30

This oil is so good I would 100% recommend, The only flaws in this product is the packaging but the quality of the actual oil is so good I can definitely overlook the packaging!

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed it, if you did it would really help me out if you could give me a like, and please comment if you have any questions, recommendations or requests!

Lots of love, Ellie xxx


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