Kat Von D shade and light palettes!

I recently received two Kat Von D palettes, the shade and light contour palette and the eye contour palette. I was really excited to receive them however I was slightly apprehensive about getting them as they came from Ebay! They were both £18.99 from a UK seller, so that was reassuring. They came at different times, one on a Wednesday and one on a Tuesday which I thought was strange, however they were well packed and protected in bubble wrap and a jiffy bag. They both were in unopened new condition as far as I could tell but there was a small dent in the packaging of the eye one.

THE FACE PALETTE: ( All shades are matte )

The face palette is nice, but not impressive, I don’t know theres something about it which isn’t perfect! The highlighter shades are very chalky but smooth, its really strange. I love the coverage but they are really chalky and powdery. I obviously can’t use the salmon shade but the yellow and porcelain shades mix gorgeously!

Left to right:

  • Lucid- a porciline pink powder
  • Lyric- a yellow powder
  • Levitation- a salmon peach powder

The contour shades are lovely though, they are chalky when swatched however applied with a brush they are smooth and sooooo pigmented. They  are not orangey at all and they give really nice depth to your face. There are two cool toned shades and warm one and suprsingly I like the warm one best! (The one in the middle) The one on the right is too dark but I can use small amounts if I want a deep contour!

Left to right:

  • Sombre- a light cool toned brown
  • Shadowplay- a medium warm toned brown
  • Subconscious- a dark cool toned brown

THE EYE PALETTE- ( All shades are matte )

I love this so much! This has the best crease and base shades that I have EVER used no joke, formulation wise they are not chalky and they stay on forever with no primer. I have one problem with these though, they swatch so badly with a finger, but with a brush they look amazing. They are lovely!



I think these are in Spanish, sorry!

Anyway, sorry for being a little inactive but mentally I am still recovering from an episode of hypochondria and its taking its toll. Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed the post!

Lots of love, Ellie xxx



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