Makeup I’m throwing away this month!

Unfortunately, makeup has to be thrown away for various reasons. As I purchase more and more makeup every month, I try to replace things in my makeup collection rather than add to it. I estimate that I buy 10 products a month so this means that in theory I should throw out 10. I struggle with this so I tend to keep it with 6 product being thrown out per month. Today I thought I would share my products that are going this month!

The first item is this Bourjois bronzer which I used to love. There are two reasons this is going; 1. this bronzer is clearly broken! and 2. It is soooo shimmery, like really chunky and glittery too. However I do actually like it for natural days and I might repurchase.

The second is this L’oreal lipgloss in neon, and this is possibly the stickiest gloss I have EVER used! It is awful, the colour and smell is gorgous but it is so sticky and everything gets stuck in it! Never buying again..

I love the colour of this but it is so dry and it flakes of imeditly, the colour is nice though. The wand is also cheap and stiff which makes this impossible to apply.

This foundation was my first ever foundation and I loved it so much but there is nothing left and its probably 2 years out of date! I would repurchase but I have so many high-end amazing foundation I should use them up first.

I have nothing to say about this eyeliner except its running out now and it smells a bit funky! It was really good but I have no idea where its from!

Finally, This is the collection cream puff lipstick in powder puff and it is quite possibly the worts lipstick ever, it is awful. I thought it was going to be a light peachy nude but there is no pigment at all. The swatch above was so hard to get and it turned out awful anyway! It also settles into every line, flake or scab on your lips and it just looks dreadful.

Anyway, these products are my throw away for this month! If you liked this please like and comment if you want another one next month!

Lots of love, Ellie xx


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