ITS ARRIVED!!! My makeup collection is here! I decided to not upload my video but instead do a post instead. So here is part 1 of 5!



I keep all of my makeup in my desk, It is the Micke desk which was £60 from Ikea. On the top (left to right) I have a fix plus box cut in half with my eyeliners in, my homemade lipstick holder with my current favourite lipsticks, a Victoria’s secrets spray in Aqua Kiss and a small potted plant. In the centre, I have two glass jam jars which I keep my brushes in, a small plastic container with samples of various things e.g perfume. Finally on the right side I have a purple flexible lamp and a double sided mirror from the The Range.


At the moment these are my favourite lip items, left to right they are:

  • MAC Amorous
  • MAC Snob
  • MAC Velvet Teddy
  • MAC (Ellie Goulding Limited edition) Without Your Love
  • L’oreal Eva’s Delicate Rose
  • L’oreal J Lo’s Nude
  • Revlon Matte Lipcolour Seduction

And for liners:

  • BD Liner Pink berry (no link sorry!)
  • Rimmel 1000 Kisses in: (some available at Boots )
  • 050 Tiramisu
  • 011 Spice
  • 021 Red Dynamite
  • 061 Wine



These are all my pencil liners (left to right):

And all my liquid liners! (all in black)

Next I have my brushes (no links as I bought all my real techniques brushes on ebay)

  • Urban Decay shadow brush from Naked 2 palette
  • Powder brush
  • Expert face brush
  • Buffing brush
  • Pointed foundation brush
  • B. Stippling brush
  • Triangle foundation brush (bold metals)
  • Rounded powder brush (bold metals)
  • B. Angled contour brush
  • Multi-tasking brush
  • Setting brush
  • Blush brush (bold metals)
  • Contour brush (bold metals)
  • UBU Oval shadow brush
  • Pointed crease brush (bold metals)
  • dfghjkl
  • Fine liner brush
  • H&M Double ended brush
  • Angled liner brush (bold metals)
  • UBU Angled liner brush
  • UBU
  • Also I missed a Fan brush from B.


Here I have my sample/tester pot with some MAC, Benefit and Marc Jacobs samples  and my BeautyBlender which I got off amazon!

This is the end of Part.1 so I will see with the next part soon!

Lots of love, Ellie xx



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