NYX Concealers!

When I was in town a week ago, I bought 3 concealers, well a green corrector, a contour shade, and a lighter concealer. So here’s the long awaited review!


The packaging is quite cheap, not too interesting really. It’s plastic and a bit tacky. The writing is already rubbing off and the lid doesn’t close all the way really. You don’t get a tonne of product (5 ml) and they look like quite expensive but feel cheap! They are a little deceptive as there is a lot of plastic around the main product which does make it look like there’s more product than there actually is.

Total: 5/10


The product in the corrector is very green, it does cancel out redness but it is a bit too bright for me. When mixed with a darker concealer it works very well. The contour shade is difficult to blend but the colour is great, not too warm toned! I use MAC fix+ with it and this helps it to blend. Finally, the concealer is my favourite, it has amazing coverage and doesn’t crease as long as you set it quickly. My only problem is that it is quite pink toned but I use a yellow toned powder so this not a huge problem for me.

Total: 7/10


The quality isn’t too good. You don’t get too much product for your money but they are very cheap (£5.50 from Boots ) so this kind of justified. They are smooth and blendable with a little work! I do like them!

Total: 8/10


So these are alright and I will definitely get lots of use out of them!

Lots of love, Ellie xx


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