REVIEW! MAC Pro-longwear concealer!

I bought this concealer quite a while ago and to summarise, I don’t think it lives up to my expectations. It is definitely raved about online but I don’t think it’s all that great!

The packaging is awful, like absolutely dreadful. I love when products have pumps, however, this pump is so hard to use as one pump is way too much product for my under eyes. With one pump I can highlight under my eyes, my cheekbones, my forehead and my nose with waste left over! Its really frustrating because it’s a great pump but so wasteful. The glass bottle is also unrealistic, it does make it feel and look more expensive, but in reality, if you drop it on a hard floor, it will smash, then you’ve got a very expensive mess to clean up! The lid is also unstable and doesn’t fit on well! Overall this packaging is awful!

Total: 2/10 (yep that bad!)

The product
The product is good, the concealer is light feeling (unless you bake it) and high coverage which is what all concealer should be like. It is MAC so it comes in 16 shades which is an awesome shade range. I am NW20 in MAC and bought NW15 which is too light really. The texture is smooth but sets very matte. It does sink into fine lines a bit but I deal with that for the amount of coverage you get.

Total: 8/10

The quality on the packaging front is really good however annoying it might be, it looks and feels very expensive. The product is good quality too. You get 9mls of product for £17.50 and although expensive the product is extremely hard wearing!

Total: 7/10 Overall

MAC may be one of my favourite brands but for me, this is a miss mainly due to how wasteful it is, however if you do love the sound of it, you can buy it here for £17.50

Overall total: 17/30 – Not good MAC!

Lots of love, Ellie xx


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