My palette picks!!!

Today I am going to do a review on my two favourite palettes ever!! I have lots of palettes, high end and drugstore alike but I have two special pallets which I use all the time.

Firstly my Bobbi Brown Bellini palette is used nearly every. Unfortunately, this was a limited edition palette from Christmas 2015, and it is not available anymore but still it is a gorgeous pallets. It comes with 3 matte shades Bone, Sable and Rich Brown which are neutral creams and two browns lighter and darker variations, just below this there are two sparkly shades in a rose gold and cream. Finally, there is a mini lip gloss in Bellini which is my favourite lipgloss ever. I love everything about this palette, the packaging is beautiful, sleek and professional. The only letdown is there is virtually no pigment in the cream sparkly shade, it is just glitter, but I can live with that. I’m not exactly sure of the price on this, But I think it was about £25 and I bought it from a counter in john lewis.

My other favourite palette is from MAC. I have a pro pallets with 4 inserts and it is gorgeous. From the top left to the bottom right I have, all that glitters, white frost, wedge and a blank space for an extra pan that I cannot choose yet! I use this all the time, wedge is my favourite transition shade ever. These custom pallets are expensive though, each shadow is £10 each and the pallets are £5, its lovely though. I would totally recommend it though. so these are my pallet picks!
Lots of love, Ellie



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