MAC Blush, Hot or Not!!

So, yesterday I purchased a very expensive MAC blush. I bought the Coppertone matte powder blush for £18.50 in my local MAC store. (available in Australia for $41) Its described as a peachy brown which totally goes with my eyes and hair – I have brown eyes, brown hair and quite pale skin. I love the MAC assistants, even though I know my way around the counter, everyone can benefit from their expertise. As I have never bought a MAC blush, I asked for some help picking out one and they were super helpful. She showed me 2 different blushes and I tried them and chose which one I liked more. I don’t personally think it is brown-y, more pinky. The texture is gorgeous and very soft; maybe a bit too soft and powdery; but the colour is beautiful. The packaging is sturdy, and the top is clear to make it easy to see what colour it is, however there is no mirror, which you do have to sacrifice. So to me, it is a HOT!

Lots of love, Ellie xx



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