L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Exclusive Lipstick

Yesterday, I bought three of these beautiful lipsticks from L’Oreal in a limited collection. I spent absolutely ages deciding which ones to get as all the colours are GORGEOUS! They’re all matte and they are limited edition which is a little disappointing because once their gone, their gone…

Anyway, I picked up 3 shades in Superdrug;

  • J Lo’s Nude, A peachy, pink nude. The lightest colour I bought. (the one on the right)
  • Eva’s Delicate Rose, A bright rose. (the one in the middle)
  • Eva’s Pure Red, A cool toned rose red (the one on the right)

They’re all £6.99 in the U.K. But unfortunately they are not available (at the moment) in Australia. They are super smooth on the lips and despite being matte, they are not drying in the slightest, which is awesome! They smell kind of flowery, but not overscented and the packaging is sleek and professional.

So, overall, I think that they are great, but obviously they need to be introduced to other countries such as Australia. Thumbs up from me 😉

Here are some links to get hold of them!

Lots of love, Ellie xxx



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