MAC Fix+ Worth the hype?

Recently, I purchased MAC Fix+ -a setting spray- and I thought it would be a great buy. I know,I know, Its super expensive! In the United Kingdom it retails for £17.00 for 100ml (or $27.00 in Australia!) which, for a setting spray, is a pretty ridiculous price. Its described as “A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup.”

It smells gorgeous, very fragrant and flowery and is super soothing on the skin. MAC products can irritate my skin, however, this does not. I like to spritz it on after my makeup or before, depending on how my skin feels  that day. My skin is quite oily on my nose and forehead, and this is meant to control it. Im not sure if it really controls my oil, but it definitely helps my cheeks and chin from getting dry and letting my makeup come off.

Overall, I think if you have the money then it is a really great buy. Dry and normal skin will benefit from the minerals but oily skin will be helped with some extra staying power. So, yes, I think it is worth the hype!

Lots of Love, Ellie xx



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